My Favorite Resources for Life Change!


I recently was asked what resources inspire me. There are far too many to name, but I will list a few here. I may be adding to this list as time goes on.

For me, putting positive things into my life daily has been key to gaining a more positive and inspired life. I fill my early morning coffee time with encouraging articles. I fill my half hour commutes to and from work with encouraging podcasts.

What I have found is, the inspiring voices of others start to get stuck in my head. I get to work and there is stress, workloads, paperwork, problems etc. My mind wants to get all worked up and stressed. But the positive voices of podcasters, bloggers, and authors are stuck in my head.

You can only do your best.
You have unique wonderful skills, even if everyone doesn’t recognize them.
You owe yourself self-compassion.
There is hope. There is inspiration. There is beauty.

I recently heard the comment made on the Jess Lively show, that sometimes we have to “borrow the thoughts of others.”

This is so true.

Sometimes we are down. We are broken. We are hopeless. We are uninspired. We are discouraged.

And in these moments, we must borrow the thoughts of those who are hopeful and those who are inspired. We must let them help us remember the joy that we have forgotten.

Below are just a few of the resources that inspire me. Also, there are few journal questions to reflect on at the end of this list. Enjoy!


Positivity, Gratitude, Happiness, Self Compassion


This is a website dedicated to cultivating healthy mindsets. Each article is backed by scientific evidence. I read their articles every morning before work. I have started many healthy mindset habits because of this site!

Help Me Be Me Podcast

I love the Help Me Be Me podcast! This podcast has been one of the most helpful podcasts I have come across in regard to cultivating a healthy mindset. This podcast focuses on topics of gratitude and positivity. This is one of my staples for morning commutes and a great go-to if I am feeling down and need a quick pick-me-up. Highly recommended!

Allison Fallon

Every blog post Allison puts out seems to resonate with me so deeply. She writes a lot on mental health and the healing effects of writing. Also, she always has many wonderful resources she provides with her posts. I read her posts every Monday morning to start my week and they always provide a wonderful source of inspiration!

The Jess Lively Show

This is a podcast I just recently started listening to. Jess discusses topics of self compassion, intuition, gaining clarity in your life, and living out your dreams. A great inspiration for my drive into work!

Happier Podcast

This is a podcast dedicated to developing healthy habits and cultivating happiness. Very practical and helpful solutions to implement into your everyday life! Also, Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth have great dynamics on the show, so it is a fun listen as well!

The Top Five Movement

This website is actually a very recent discovery for me. It is a website all about developing gratitude habits. I am still in the exploration phase of what this website is all about…but am definitely excited about it and eager to learn!


Simplicity, Minimalism, Meaningful Life

The Minimalists

I have been following the minimalists for quite some time now. I have learned so much about the power of letting go of the stuff that holds us down in order to find freedom and a meaningful life! These guys are full of wisdom!

Becoming Minimalist

This is another blog focused on finding freedom in letting go and re-focusing us on what is truly important in this life. Many great articles on this site!


Anxiety, Stress, Depression

The Confident Mind Podcast

A great resource if you struggle with social anxiety or any other type of anxiety.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Another great resource for those who suffer from anxiety!

Do One Thing Different – Bill O’Hanlon (Book)

This book was a wonderful source of inspiration for me in a very difficult time in my life. Not only was it a source of hope, but it also gave many practical tips to help me out of that difficult place!

The One You Feed Podcast

A podcast full of conversations on topics of depression, anxiety, and living a life worth living. Much wisdom to be gained from this podcast!


Introversion, High Sensitivity

Introvert, Dear

Many many articles to help introverts and highly sensitive people live their best possible life! So many helpful tips and advice on this site!

Katherine Mackenize-Smith

Life and business coach dedicated to empowering introverts. I especially recommend her book Shhh… An Introvert’s Guide to Creating An Exceptionally Beautiful Life. I read it in one sitting. It was such a wonderful “feel good” resource that made me feel at peace with myself and my place in this life.



The Robcast Podcast

Always has wonderful spiritual insight. A deep thinking podcast I listen to on my morning commutes.



Again, these are just the first few that come to mind. There are so many more!
If there are resources (books, blogs, podcasts) that you have loved or have inspired you, please share them with me in the comments below! I would love to hear about them and be inspired by them too!



1. When do you find yourself most needing to “borrow the thoughts of others?” At work? At home? When you are stressed? When you are discouraged? Reflect on the times and situations when your thoughts are at their worst.

2. What area of self growth needs the most focus for you right now? Do you need to focus more on positivity? On gratitude? Self compassion? Do you need to build your confidence? Do you need to learn coping skills to deal with anxiety and stress? Do you need to be inspired to live out your goals? Reflect on what areas feel the most important to focus on right now.

3. How will you implement your own routine in which you put the positive thoughts and voices of others into your own life? Take into account the times/situations when you need it the most and the areas of self growth you need to focus on, as you described in the first two questions. Brainstorm how you will implement these practices into your daily life.




2 thoughts on “My Favorite Resources for Life Change!

  1. Nicole, thank you for this list! I wanted to tell you that I’ve “borrowed” your ideas when talking to my sister this week, and she also is enjoying your blog! I just meant to say thank you, and that we both look forward to reading your posts!


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