Why You Should Always Want More


Did you know that it is not a bad thing to always want more?

Did you know, it is actually a good thing?

The problem is, society had told us to want the wrong things.







At some point, we hopefully learned these things would not satisfy us, and pursuing them would simply be a “chasing after the wind.”

But, that does not mean we should not desire anything.

There are better things to want.

There are absolutely lovely and amazing things to want.

I invite you to want more.


More wisdom.

More beauty.

More truth.

More hope.

More knowledge.

More passion.

More inspiration.

More connection.

More peace.


I fully acknowledge, you have to be able to master the balance of gratitude and desire.

We must shift our hearts to a place of extreme gratefulness for the present moment. And at the same time, have a rich and deep desire to usher in more of the beauty we know is out there.

Gratitude without desire is complacency. Desire without gratitude is discontentment.

Our heart of gratitude and our heart of desire must both be fully awake. If not, we as people, will not be fully awake.

I heard a song by Cloud Cult a few weeks ago that has stuck with me. I am sharing the lyrics below.

My question is, are you sleepwalking, or are you fully awake?


Sleepwalker by Cloud Cult

We are your conscience.

We thought we’d tell you,

You’ve been sleepwalking,

through most of your days.


Your eyes are open,

Your body’s moving,

Your lips are speaking,

But you’re far from awake.


Where is your passion?

Where is your wonder?

Where is your thankfulness?

You put them away.


Times come to get up,

before you break down.

I know you’re on it.


Where is your kid side?

Where is your joyfulness?

Where is your empathy?

Fast asleep.


Where went your moments?

Where went your presence?

Where went your purpose?

Fast asleep.


Times come to get up.


Before you break down.

I know you’re on it.


Journal Questions:

1. Do you allow yourself to want more? Are you desiring after money, power, prestige, and possessions? Or are you desiring what is deep, meaningful, and eternal?

2. What do you need to seek after more in your life? Wisdom, beauty, truth, hope, knowledge, passion, inspiration, connection, or peace?

3. What do you struggle with most – gratitude without desire (complacency) or desire without gratitude (discontentment)? How could you strive to balance both gratitude and desire?

4. Are you sleepwalking or fully awake? How can you become more fully awake?


Wishing you a heart full of desire and gratitude.






6 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Want More

  1. Nicole, what a great reminder to assess what our hearts are longing for and set it on things that actually increase our happiness each day! There really is so much around us telling us to want the wrong things. I’ve found that I really have to be intentional to achieve the balance you described too. It’s such a tug a war.

    much love,


    1. Hey Jess!

      I definitely agree, it takes a lot of intentionality to reach that balance! I liked that you called it a tug a war – that is exactly what it feels like sometimes!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I always appreciate hearing your perspective.



  2. This is a really beautiful post Nicole! I read it slowly, and I even like how it looked on the page :). I’m still thinking of what I want in this life. It seems like one thing one day, and another thing the next! I’ve also been listening to Cloud Cult nonstop. Do you have any other music you listen to to get inspired?


    1. Thank you so much Beni!

      I definitely can relate that sometimes desires can change daily…just take notice of that one thing that keeps coming up. 🙂

      Glad you enjoy Cloud Cult! I also listen to Modest Mouse a lot. I know some people might find their music depressing, but their song “Gravity Rides Everything” and “Float On” have always made me feel more optimistic, if I am feeling down.

      The lyrics are simple for both songs.. “It all will fall, fall right into place” and “we’ll float on, good news is on the way.”

      I also like OK Go’s song “This too Shall Pass” for the same reason.

      Anyway, those were the first few that came to mind. They are not quite as inspiring as the Cloud Cult song – more just a dose of positive perspective.

      Anyway, thanks again for your comment!



  3. Just got caught up with these posts – I especially like the journal questions at the end. Thanks for being inspiring, Nicole!


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